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Christ-Centred Preaching

Preaching is at the center of the worship of God’s people and is the main evangelistic tool of the church. Our Christ-Centred Preaching concentration provides focused training and electives that teach students how to preach Christ from all the Scriptures.

Concentration Electives

Take all four of the following to complete your concentration in Christ-Centred Preaching, or take any number as general electives to sharpen your preaching.

PRCH 710

Christ–Centred Preaching

This course explores the art and science of preaching the Scriptures in the modern world. The course covers the theory and practice of Christ-centred preaching, the nature and necessity of contextual communication, stylistic variation in preaching traditions, and the life of the preacher.

PRCH 720

Preaching Practicum

Students will review the basics of Christ-centred exposition and receive advanced instruction on preaching Christ from a particular book of the Bible. Students will read commentaries, learn how to analyse a book’s structure and theology, write sermon manuscripts on particular passages, preach Christ-centred sermons during the intensives, and learn from contemporary expositors.

PRCH 730

History of Preaching

This course equips students in the art and science of Christ-centred exposition by exploring the history of preaching. The course explores the history of preaching by covering the theory and practice of Christ-centred preaching, the nature of contextual communication, stylistic variation in preaching, and the life of different preachers throughout the history of the church.

PRCH 740

Contemporary Issues in Preaching

Students will explore some of the key contemporary issues facing Christ-centred expositors, learn how Christ-centred exposition situates into pastoral ministry and the life of a healthy church, and consider how preaching fits into the overall discipleship of God’s people. In short, this course is designed to prepare students to preach Christ in the context of the church today, with the broader culture in mind. Students will receive advanced instruction in and read books on homiletics, ecclesiology, and pastoral ministry.

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

Pursue a concentration in Christ-centred Preaching through our flagship degree—the Master of Theological Studies.

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